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Return Policy

We have designed the most user-friendly and most efficient return policy available to minimize our customer's efforts.

Return Policy

  • Any product with a broken seal are non-returnable. Solely replacements can be sent if a faulty part is found.
  • Any product returned must have a valid RMA # provided to you by our technical department.
  • Any product returned must be in the original packaging.
  • NOTE: Any product being returned to us needs to be paid by the customer. We offer free shipping to our customers, therefore to return the kit, the customer must pay the return fees. A $30 shipping fee plus a 20% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. If the return procedures aren't met properly, additional fees might be deducted off your refund.

    Return Procedures

    Before returning a parcel, customers must request an RMA number. Once the RMA has been requested and approved, we will provide you with the proper return address where to send the parcel. DO NOT SHIP TO THE ADDRESS ON THE BOX. That is not our return address and shipping it to that address will result in your parcel either being returned to you within 15 days or lost in transit.

  • Send us an email. Make sure to include your full name, order ID, and reason of request for RMA.
  • Initiate a live chat session and obtain one from our representatives.

  • Procedures For Exchanges

    There are 2 options available to customers for exchanges.

  • Fill in the contact form requesting an exchange. Send the kit back to us and upon receipt of the parcel, we will proceed in exchanging the kit for you.
  • The second option would be to purchase the desired kit, request your RMA, and send the kit back to us. This is a faster way to get an exchange done.
  • Note: As mentioned above, if the kit's seal is broken, it is no longer returnable for a refund or an exchange.

    I Ordered The Wrong Kit/Color

    Same thing applies here, if the seal is broken, it is no longer returnable for an exchange or refund. However, if the kit wasn't opened, the shipping fees to us and back to you would have to be assumed by the buyer. Get in touch with our tech department in order to get your lights exchanged.

    I Don't Want My Lights Anymore

    Once more, if the kit's seal has been broken, it is non-returnable. If everything is fine with the kit, refer to the Return Policy section and follow the guidelines. Note that shipping fees and restocking fees will be applied on your return.

    How Am I Supposed To Know If The Kit Works Without Opening The Box

    Being the reputable company that we are, it is common sense that we will not ship out faulty parts from the factory. In fact, all of our kits are assembled and thoroughly tested in house before being sent out. We must do so in order to ensure that the kits are DOT approved after they get assembled in our warehouse.

    The Lights Aren't What I Thought They Were

    We deeply apologize that our lighting system didn't live up to your expectancy. However, if the kit's seal has been broken, the lights cannot be returned or exchanged. If the seal is still untouched, the kit can be returned without a problem. Shipping fees and restocking fees will be applied. Get in touch with the technical department for further instructions on how to proceed.

    Missing, Damaged, or Broken Product

    If you ever open your package and notice that some parts are missing or faulty, simply get in touch with our tech department via email or live chat and explain your situation. They will get back in touch with you and ship out exactly what was missing in your initial package.

    Cancelling Your Order

    Our kits usually ship out within the next business day. If you wish to cancel your order, it must be done within that time frame. If the order leaves our warehouse your order can only be cancelled upon receipt of the parcel. Note that shipping fees as well as restocking fees will apply.


    Once the product has arrived at our warehouse and it has been approved for a refund, we will proceed in issuing you a refund. Customers must note that all refund might take up to 15 days before appearing back into their accounts.

    We do not take any blame, responsibility, or liability for any failures during the installation process. If any parts are broken during the installation process, it will not be warrantied.