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Privacy Policy

At HidKitXenonLights.com, we take very seriously the protection of our customer's billing information and credentials. Below, we elaborate exactly what we mean by that and how we will protect your credentials.

How Do We Collect Data?

By customers who register on our website, who place an order, or who simply subscribes to our newsletter.

Any customer data that is not absolutely needed will be marked as "optional".

What Will The Information Be Used For?

Below we elaborate exactly what the data will be used for:

• Processing Transactions

All of your billing data will never be transfered, sold, or exchanged. Most of our customer's billing credentials get deleted as soon as their order is received.

• Newsletter Emails

It is entirely your choice if you wish to receive our newsletter or not. You unsubscribe from it whenever you wish. It will keep you up to date with our latest deals and offers.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

We have many different technologies that are instored on our database to make sure that it is unpenetrable. We do so using a high technology encryption system that stores your data safely within our database.

We also have great security measures that are implemented for our directories with strong and complicated passwords. An SSL certificate is also instored to ensure that all of your information is stored perfectly safe in our database.

The above mentioned methods are used to store your personal billing credentials such as shipping name, address, city, country, etc. Your credit card information is deleted instantly after your order has been placed.

Do We Use Cookies On Our Website?

Of course, cookies are used to remember whatever you put in your cart so that if you're not ready to place your order, whenever you'll come back, all of your selection will still be in your cart.

Do We Share Your Information With Our Competitors?

As mentioned above, your information will never be shared with any of our competitors or any other company is any industry or field that exist. In fact, from the begining of us processing your order until it leaves our warehouse, there is no third party or any outsourcing being done where we would need to share your personal information. The only information shared would be shipping information with the shipping company to ensure that you may receive your package in timely fashion.

North-Carolina Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

All of your personal credentials are in perfect accordance with the North-Carolina Online Privacy Protection Act. This means that we are not allowed to share or use any of your credentials without your full consent.

Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

Any customer that is below the age of 13 won't have any of his credentials saved in our database. They are automatically deleted once the transaction has been fully completed.

CAN-SPMA Compliance

Everything on our website follows precisely and is fully compliant with the CAN-SPMA act of 2003.

Terms and Conditions

Visit our Terms & Condition page to see all the information about limitations liabilities, and disclaimers of our website.

Your Consent

Once a customer places an order on our website, he automatically agrees to all of our policies.

Changing Our Privacy Policy

A newsletter will be sent out to all of our customers if we ever do modify any or all of our policies.
This policy was last modified on 2012-09-13

Contacting Us

If ever any question arise and you would like to have answers, feel free to contact us using your prefered method. You may email, live chat, or contact us via phone.

Pledge To Our Privacy Policy

We pledge to you, our customers, that we have brought the utmost care and dedication to our privacy policy according to the following privacy laws:

North-Carolina Online Privacy Protection Act (NCOPPA)

Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
Federal Trade Commision Fair (FTCF)
Privacy Alliance
Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (CANSPMA)