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What is a xenon light?

A xenon bulb is filled with a few mixtures of noble gases that produce micro discharges. They are very similar to halogen bulbs because they do not have any kind of filament. In order for a xenon light to work properly, it will need a starter for the initial ignition and a electronic ballast. How it all works is a striking of 2 electrodes on the same arc happens which releases energy, creating a very bright light.

Why should I choose xenon lights over the traditional halogen lights and what are the advantages?

Greater Lumens Output:

Whenever comparing a xenon light bulb to a traditional halogen bulb, the xenon one emits about 3x more lighting.

Brighter Light:

Xenon light has a luminosity that is very similar to that of the sun (depending on your bulb strenght) which creates a very bright, white looking light. As for the halogen light, they appear to be more yellow then white.

Visibility Extension:

Having xenon lights is very crucial if you drive a lot during the night and on highways because they could greatly increase your visibility.

Less Power Required:

Xenon bulbs are known to require way less power to operate and output a significantly greater amount of light.

Product longevity:

Xenon bulbs will last you anywhere from 3x to 5x longer then your traditional lighting system. They are known for having a very good longevity and being very reliable.


Your automobile will be armed with the latest lighting technology system and we guarantee you that you will turn more heads then ever before. At the present day, only high-end vehicles are equipped with such technology.

Is there any difference between our Xenon lights and the ones found in stores?

Xenon lights work in a different way then regular lights. Instead of having the traditional filament, they have a glass tube filled of gases. They are ignited with a 20,000 volts discharge and succeed to stay illuminated by a 12 volts source that is constantly provided to the bulb by the ballast. The ones found in stores do not use this type system. They are coated/tinted in a light blue coloring which, when turned on, emits a white-ish light. They contain a filament and output and much smaller amount of light.

Can I install the kit by myself?

Our kits are condisered do-it-yourself and are made to get "plugged" right into your factory vehicle. No modification of any kind needs to be brought to your vehicle. The instalation should take a beginner anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to complete. If you ever encounter any difficulties installing the lights, simply contact our customer service and we will be more then happy to help you out.

Why can't I touch the glass a xenon bulb?

Because the bulb is filled of noble gases, touching it with your hands or getting it in contact with liquids, grease, or oil, might decrease the longevity of the bulb. If you ever happen to touch the glass, use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of the glass before you start the installation.

Is switching back to my original lights possible?

Of course! They are just as easy to take out as they are to put in. They usually take the same amount of time to remove as they took to be installed.

Will I lose my high beams if my car carries 9004, 9007, H4/9003 or H13/9008 bulbs?

No you won't lose them! Our 9003, 9004, 9007, 9008, H4 and H13 HID kit are bi-xenon. This means that both low and high beams are intergrated in the same bulb.

What bulb temperature should I take for my HID KIT?

The temperature of the color is measured in Kelvin degrees which tells the power of the light bulb. Unlike everyone thinks, the higher the degrees, the smaller the light output. What changes is the intensity of the light. For instance, 3000K lights will be less bright than 6000K, however the lighting will go much further with the 3000K light bulb.

3000K: The output reaches about 3200lm and is 3x stronger then the traditional halogen light. The light emited appears to be yellow. Customers usually order this bulb for their fog lights.

4300K: The output reaches about 3100lm and is 3x stronger then the traditional halogen light. The light emited is yellow-ish leaning more towards the whtie. This is recommended for drivers who do a lot of canyon or back road driving.

6000K: The output reaches about 2900lm and is 3x stronger then the traditional halogen light. The light emited is fully white and tends to have a small blue hint to it.

8000K: The output reaches about 2500lm and is 3x stronger then the traditional halogen light. The light emited is very close to blue with little hints of white. This is one of our best sellers.

10000K The output reaches about 2300lm and is 2x stronger then the traditional halogen light. The light emited is getting closer to violet then blue. This is by far our best seller and most demanded products by our customers.

12000K The output reaches about 2000lm and is 2x stronger then the traditional halogen light. The light emited is violet/deep blue. This type of light gives your vehicle a very exotic and extreme look to your vehicle.